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I am a graduate student in ECE department at University of Texas at Austin. I am fortunate to be advised by Sujay Sanghavi. Before coming to UT, I got my Bachelor degree from Tsinghua University, EE Department in 2015.

My current research goal is to understand and design efficient and robust algorithms with provable guarantees. I am also broadly interested in the theoretical understanding of foundational machine learning problems.

I can be reached at: shenyanyao AT utexas DOT edu


  Research Scientist Intern

    Amazon Search, MIDAS Team 2019.08 -- 2019.11

  Quantitative Research Intern

    Two Sigma 2019.05 -- 2019.08

  Research Intern

    Microsoft Research Asia, Machine Learning Team 2017.06 -- 2017.09

  Research Scientist Intern

    Amazon AWS, Deep Learning Team 2017.01 -- 2017.05

Publications & Preprints

  Machine Learning

  • Interaction Hard Thresholding: Consistent Sparse Quadratic Regression in Sub-Quadratic Time and Space. NeurIPS, 2019. [arxiv] [NeurIPS link]
    • Shuo Yang *, Yanyao Shen *, Sujay Sanghavi.
  • Iteratively Least Trimmed Squares for Mixed Linear Regression. NeurIPS, 2019. [arxiv] [NeurIPS link]
    • Yanyao Shen, Sujay Sanghavi.
  • Learning with Bad Training Data via Iterative Trimmed Loss Minimization. ICML, 2019. [arxiv] [ICML link]
    • Yanyao Shen, Sujay Sanghavi.
  • On Robust Learning of Ising Models. NeurIPS 2018 Workshop On Relational Learning. [link]
    • Erik Lindgren, Vatsal Shah, Yanyao Shen, Alex Dimakis, Adam Klivans.
  • High Dimensional Robust Sparse Regression. AISTATS, 2020. [arxiv]
    • Liu Liu, Yanyao Shen, Tianyang Li, Constantine Caramanis.
  • Dense Information Flow for Neural Machine Translation. NAACL, 2018. [arxiv] [NAACL link]
    • Yanyao Shen, Xu Tan, Di He, Tao Qin, Tie-Yan Liu.
  • Deep Active Learning for Named Entity Recognition. ICLR, 2018 [arxiv] [ICLR link]. Short version in ACL workshop, 2017. [ACL workshop link]
    • Yanyao Shen, Hyokun Yun, Zachary Lipton, Yakov Kronrod, Animashree Anandkumar.
  • Normalized Spectral Map Synchronization. NIPS, 2016.
    • Yanyao Shen, Qixing Huang, Nathan Srebro, Sujay Sanghavi. [NIPS link]

  Wireless Communications

  • Location-aware device communication design: exploration and exploitation on energy. IEEE Wireless Commun. [link]
    • Yanyao Shen, Chunxiao Jiang, Tony Q.S. Quek, and Yong Ren.
  • Device-to-Device-Assisted Communications in Cellular Networks: An Energy Efficient Approach in Downlink Video Sharing Scenario. IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun. [link]
    • Yanyao Shen, Chunxiao Jiang, Tony Q.S. Quek, and Yong Ren.
  • Energy Efficient D2D Communications: a Perspective of Mechanism Design. IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun. [link]
    • Lei Xu, Chunxiao Jiang, Yanyao Shen, Tony Q.S. Quek, Zhu Han, and Yong Ren.
  • Pricing equilibrium for data redistribution market in wireless networks with matching methodology. IEEE ICC, 2015. [link]
    • Yanyao Shen, Chunxiao Jiang, Tony Q.S. Quek, Haijun Zhang, and Yong Ren.
  • Device-to-device cluster assisted downlink video sharing — A base station energy saving approach. IEEE GlobalSIP, 2014. [link]
    • Yanyao Shen, Chunxiao Jiang, Tony Q.S. Quek, Haijun Zhang, and Yong Ren.


Reviewer for: NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, AAAI, JMLR.